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About Us

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We serve  oppressed and forgotten people of color

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For over 20 years I have been involved in helping organizations figure out answers to complex problems that require Learning and Development solutions. I am passionate about social justice and women’s issues and have been actively involved in working with refugees for the last five years. This has given me the opportunity to be exposed to some of the most courageous leaders for human rights in Atlanta. I want to continue to use my experience as a training consultant in the pursuit of human rights issues.


During 2020 - 2021 I worked on the development of a Know Your Rights e-learning program that was designed to help Muslims understand their legal rights during a traffic stop. This program covered a number of subjects designed to improve communications with police officers, taking precautions to avoid escalation and Interfacing with attorneys. The audience is over 70,000 Muslims in the state of Georgia.


For five years I was on the board of the Refugee Women’s Network.  I developed and implemented a fundraising process for the board in order to raise capital for a new headquarters building.  We completely changed our messaging, developed a web site and raised the money to double our space. We then implemented a lecture series to educate the public on Islam and it’s core values.  This role gave me an opportunity to work with some of the leading humanitarian organizations in Atlanta.   

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Biography: David Klepinger

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