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Developmental Process


phase One: discovery

We begin the process by developing a discovery agreement that defines all aspects of the project and it’s measurable goals.


phase two: create blueprint

Once the discovery has been validated, we build a detailed blueprint that has learning objectives, content outlines, media recommendations and development timelines. 

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phase three: review

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Before building the training solution we present the blueprint to all of the relevant stakeholders. This will ensure that everyone has a chance to provide input on the program design


Phase Four: Development

During this phase we begin development of scripts, video, learner materials and all performance aids.

After each draft we review and make improvements. 


Phase five: pilot test

After recording the training materials, we conduct a controlled pilot test with the target audience to discover areas for improvement. Then we make final revisions.

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Phase Six: Launch

The last phase includes the creation of a launch strategy and a marketing plan to ensure widespread adoption.

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